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Why Backlinks Are Important For Website?

Why Backlinks Are Important For Website?

One of the most sought after and quite frankly important questions we get regularly is WHY BACKLINKS ARE IMPORTANT FOR WEBSITE. And truth be told, it's not a surprise as backlinks play such a big part in the success of a website. As you are already on this page, I assume it's on your mind too. Don't worry!! We got you covered. After reading this article, you will know exactly why backlinks play such a crucial part in your website building. Just Bear with me till the end.

What Is Backlink?

A backlink or sometimes called an INBOUND LINK, is a link on another website that will direct to your website. Your website's value or popularity depends on the number of backlinks that lead to it. Search engines like google, yahoo, Bing give more priority to websites with more backlinks and consider it more worth appearing in the search query.

But how do we gather the backlinks we want?? Well, there are several ways. You can use free internet directories like Dmoz and Jayde. You can exchange links with another website. You can post on article directories and link your website to that article. You can guest post in a blog and get a backlink from there. You can even do it through link


Now let's analyze why backlinks are considered such an essential tool for a website. SHALL WE??

Why do you need backlink?


Search engines like Google and yahoo see backlinks as the vote of approval. The higher number of approval a website gets, the higher chance it has to rank in the relevant search queries. It’s like a reference on a resume. So if you want to make your website successful, you have to make that reference on your resume as strong as possible.


What is referral traffic? When someone reaches your site from another website, you get referral traffic. This is probably the best benefit of backlinks. A backlink posted on a relevant and popular website may lead to a good amount of traffic which can convert into sales. That's why it's crucial to analyze where you want to get your backlink from


Whatever niche you are working in, if you get backlinks from that niche's top or most popular website that will give you instant credibility. It can also help in building trust in your brand. By getting backlinks from a reputed, quality-driven website, you can automatically benefit from the doubt. You can capitalize on that and build your brand better. So backlinks can be used as the foundation on which you will build up your brand.


When you start your journey with a new website, understandably, it doesn't get noticed immediately. You start from the bottom. So your website doesn't get that much exposure. Backlinks can be the perfect option to reach the audience you are trying to reach. You need to analyze your target audience, and according to that, you need to find their most visited website in the related niche. Backlinks from that website can do wonders for you. It can give your website the necessary relevant traffic and introduce your website to your target audience.

Remember!! Quality Beats Quantity

online-searchGone are the days when just getting more and more backlinks resulted in a better-ranked website. Nowadays, the focus is on quality, not quantity. As we said before, A backlink is like a reference on a resume. So you need to focus on that first. A backlink from a high-quality site may very well act as a catalyst to your success and improve your rank on search engines, while a low-quality backlink can negatively affect your website's position in SERPs. Now you may want to know how you can gather high-quality backlinks. Don't worry!! We have some hacks for you.

1. Choose a relevant website. If you are focusing on cleaning products, get a backlink from the top cleaning product site

2. Get backlinks from high-traffic sites. There is a correlation between ranking and backlinks from pages with organic search traffic. A backlink from high traffic pages can get you more referral traffic than a backlink from low traffic pages

3. Focus on the placement of the backlink. If a backlink is placed in the center area of the page and stands out, it is more likely to be clicked. But putting in the corner or footer doesn't stand out; it's less likely to be clicked

There is no question that backlink was, is, and will be an integral part of establishing a website. The question should not be whether a backlink is essential or not. Instead, it should be about more efficient use of backlinks. There is a scope of mistakes as all backlinks are not equal, as several attributes like relevance and placement can place a backlink on either side of usefulness and quality. By making the best use of resources and proper analysis, you can make an effective backlink strategy that can help you put your website on the map and gain an advantage over your competitors.